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What a beautiful and uplifting e-mail, dear Pamla. Your delightful spirit and acceptance of Stacy's new beginning is an inspiration to all of us. As when Floyd crossed over, I also had an experience I did not understand until I opened my e-mail. I did not tell you but when Floyd passed, my first thought was that Stacy would be joining him. Of course, I rejected that thought immediately and prayed to the contrary, but just as I knew Floyd would be leaving about a month before, it was the same knowing. The interesting thing is that as I am writing this, I can see both of them sitting together laughing big belly laughs...oh yeah...they are having a ball together doing flips and dancing around as they have not been able to do in their earth bodies for many years...boys will be boys, you know...how much they enjoyed their time together on Earth and how much I enjoyed the times the 4 of us shared!Though I have not written much to you in these past years, I have thought so often of you and sent you love at every thought. So now,my dear friend...I know there are many things you will be doing to carry on, and I encourage you to do so. But, when you are ready for a break, we would like to invite you to come to Greece and spend some time enjoying our celebration life with us.Mario and I do spiritual life coaching and quantum energy healing among other thingsin our workand our group is primarily made up of ladies in spiritual healing arts. So you will meet more of your Spirit Family here in Volos because it is a gathering of truelovers that extends to Athens and Thessaloniki, and you will flow right with them. I know there is much for you to do right now, but please be sensitive to your own needs and take time for yourself too...keeping busy is a great way to handle things for awhile, but it is also important to allowyourself the time and attention youneed to really deal with all you are experiencing. I know you are in the palm of God's hand and I know Stacy will be assisting and continuing to show you his love no matter where he is...one thing is sure...he absolutely adores you and is so very proud of the beautiful spirit and woman you are...and so am I. I want to encourage you that it is really important that you allow yourself to feel all the feelings that come up so you can keep yourself flowing freely as you do...be real in all of it, Girlfriend, and know that you have a friend here who will laugh with you and cry with you. I will be thinking of you on our birthday. Please do keep in touch and know that I am loving you and praying for you, my dear sister and friend. I love you forever and ever in everything there is,
Mary Lou

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