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All things in time, and I have taken my time regarding this! It seemed an insurmountable task to write a tribute to Stacy, much the way it seemed when I thought of writing one for my Dad. Yet it is a testimony to the two of them, and their impact on my spiritual upbringing, that upon hearing of Stacy's "Blast-off" my heart cried out "Lord," what's going on here?! Something big is happening! I feel it..."

It was some small comfort to know that Stacy had joined my Dad, and that together they walked into the very heart of God.

From the time I was a child, I sat at Stacy's feet, drawn to his teachings, his wisdom, his Spirit. And though I understood very little in those days, those seeds were planted early. It so often happens today that when both Rick & I get a fresh inspiration or awakening,we can invariably recall something Stacy said long ago! I remember sitting in the meetings as an adolescent, longing to receive a prophecy - yet terrified that I would get one. Eventually, I did. And that Word God gave to me through Stacy is one I will never forget. I do "walk as a drummer to a different beat" as do all of us who are called according to His Purpose!

We are honored to know you both, and blessed that we could share time together over the years. We honor & remember you Stacy, for sharing the truth that was in your heart, unwaveringly and uncompromisingly.

You are the light of the world, and Rick & I are happy to know that you, Pamla, will shine on with Promised Seed's Good News.

All our love,

Bethany & Rick Lear and Cole, Isabella & Jadyn