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Quite a few years ago Stacy stopped at Jeff and Donna's house for a scheduled visit to the church family. I went up early just to have more time with them. I left my house in a rush and began the drive. About half way there, Stacy came to the forefront of my mind and I began to weep. I said, "Lord what are you telling me?" No answer! The closer I got to the house the more I cried. When arrived, Jeff met me at the door and all I could say was "Where is Stacy?" Jeff replied, "He is in the living room." I went into the room and by now I was drenched in anointing. Stacy looked up at me and said, "I was expecting you." I hugged him and hugged him and continued to cry. It was as if God was out looking for God and found him. From that day forward he was more to me than just Stacy. I Later asked him about the event and why, and he could not explain it.

I will never forget when he told me I would write prophecy. I have been doing it every since that day. He prophesied that I would play the piano. The last time you two were at out local body, after everyone left, I sat you both down and played three melodies on the piano. The first one I played you said you liked.

Saturday night, March 24, as I was taking my shower, I was thinking about Stacy when the incident I just described was replayed in my mind. I could hear the melody and the second time it was played I heard very plainly Stacy whistling along in the background. I had to stop and look around.

Now, Pamla, by now you have heard it said many times and in many ways the Love we all have for Stacy, but the last time you were at Jeff's house I remember sitting at the table and I observed Stacy and you embrace. I looked at him and I could see the love he had for you expressed in the way he looked at you. Then he called you, "My Love." If we all didn't go, "ahhhh," we would have like to. I remember when he told us he found his soul mate. He was so proud and so happy. Then when he told us of your impending marriage, he voiced he was unsure of how we would react and we all said, "congratulations!" Then when you got up and spoke at the last meeting I knew he smiled from ear to ear.

We all love you two, because you are real and we wish we were as bold as you two at times. I know you were both happy and you both deserved it.

Pam, I hope Stacy visits you often and I hope I get a visit or two, or three also!

I wonder, is God telling us something? By that I mean, last year Chuck Weller passed and this year Floyd Watson and now Stacy. All Fathers of the Sonship message.

This poem came to me as I begin to write this letter:

Look to the sky and you shall see
Looking down from the heavenly.
With smile on face
and light in eye
He shouts "My God, I Glorify!"

I also received this word on Sunday, March 25:
My Apostle that I sent to the lands was sent to you because I counted you Faithful and through him I blessed you and had you grow in faith, trust and you were faithful and blessed him, MY servant, and even loved him above and beyond my desire. You were his oasis in a dry and weary land. You gave him love, food and drink to help sustain him in fulfilling MY purpose. You received him for who he was and received MY word through him. You were important to him.

Pamla, to end this novel, I just want to say that I am eternally grateful that Father put Stacy and you into my life on this plane. Scripture says "No grater Love hath a man..." Stacy and you have given your life, your love, your time, your presence to us even at times when maybe you didn't really want to. You have richly blessed us and I hope we have made you realize how important you are to us all.

Kenny Provost (kpprovost@aol.com)