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Here is the rest of my visit with Stacy. It lasted about an hour of earth time measurement...

I awoke to do my prayer time at 3 in the morn. today Feb.5. After my hour of prayer I went into a deep sleep which I saw Stacy. I was at his house on the other side and he was sitting at his piano. I told him he looked great and he said notice I have lost all of my weight. He looked like he weighed about 200 pounds. His hair was real healthy looking and thick. It was a dark reddish brown. He told me the other side is differnt points of interest to visit. He said you create with just a thought.

The first place he said he visited was all about statues and monuments. I thought it was strange that he had a piano in his house. Did he ever want to play the piano in his earth life?? We talked about a lot of things of which is not in my soulical memory at this time. I had been asking the lord to let me visit him. He said when you want something over there that before you can finish a sentence of asking for it it is already there!!! He said in a split second of thought it is created. He said there are many places to visit over there. You can go to whatever land you want to and visit. As other times when I have talked to others that have crossed over they say that it is alot like the earth... only perfect. Stacy's home was the size of a normal home here...say about 2500 square feet. The living room was large of where we conversed with him sitting on his piano bench. He was smiling the whole time we talked and he looked so healthy, and full of life.

Stacy was a very good friend to me while here on this earth. I first met him in tulsa Ok. when him and Bob and charlotte Torango with Chris Langana came to a meeting that I was holding for Valerie, in 1993. I spoke prohetically to them all and we all conversed after the meeting with Stacy and I exchanging addresses of different church's we were both in. I appreciated the doors he opened for me and I know he appreciated the doors I opened for him at that time. We instantly bonded then and it continued until he went back home. I loved that brother..he was real.

Mike Inge - www.practicalbibleteaching.com