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Where to begin? Stacy had come around to our place the fall or late summer of 1997. I was in a dark place. I was so tired of God and
church. All my life I have loved heavy metal... death metal, going to clubs with mosh pits. I LOVE MUSIC!!!!! I LOVE BEING AROUND LIVE MUSIC. I was going to clubs and hearing bands, maybe drinking a little, smoking a lot of cigarettes. My folks knew what I was doing and they expressed great displeasure in what I was doing. Anyway, Stacy came by to minister for a longggg weekend. I remember one of the services him giving me a word. Basically he told me not to worry what others thought. That God had called me to be a light in dark places. He told me that I would be able to minister to people that even he and my Dad could never reach. This word encouraged me so much. It made me not want to give up on God. Ironically enough, in the last year I have received the same word from 2 different ministers.
Of all the ministry who befriended me because of my grandfather, I always felt that Stacy and Pamla were real relational people. I emailed Stacy many many times over the years, and he was always quick to reply. Sometimes he had profound advice, sometimes, he just let me know he was listening and that I could count on him to pray for me and stand with me in the spirit.
I consider him a father to me in the Lord. I wish I could better express to you my love and admiration for the man. I hope you have heard my heart.
Clint Winebrenner ---- (cwinebrenner@gmail.com)