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Dearest Pamla,

God's richest blessings of comfort and consolation at this time. We have always marveled at the deep, sincere, and meteroic love that you and Stacy shared, so very quickly and enduringly. Father brought you two together through amazing circumstances, and you were "fused in Christ" with a spontaneous combustion. The depth and warmth of that love will continue to sustain you, even in your lonliest times because that love came from Christ's own heart, and because HE IS STILL IN YOUR HEART, so will that Source of Love remain constant and abiding. You and Stacy are only separated in the flesh, but never in the spirit.

Your love for our brother was his richest gift in the eight years you shared. Father knew His plan for his son included the long struggle with health issues, and He wisely provided you as the inspiring, enlivening, and edifying partner for him. I can't imagine how much more difficult those years would have been if you had not been there for him all the way. Your ministry to Christ has been to uphold Stacy through the preparatory years for his "graduation". You made his life worth living, and worth embracing, yet, still able to release his spirit to Eternity, without feeling as though he was losing anything. He knows that you will be reunited in God's good time and he knows you are able to keep on walking in the Spirit, just as triumphantly without him, as you did with him.

Your heart may be breaking, but that brokenness is only revealing more of the Beauty of the Lord we have come to love and respect in your life. In September, the Lord is sending me back to minister in Georgia for a week and if you are there, and feeling receptive, I would greatly like to take you out to lunch (or dinner) and pray with you, and share the fellowship of our Lord together for a brief time. I know how busy you will be in upcoming days, but I hope that by Sept. the Lord will have stabilized your life so that you can receive a brief visit from me.

You are in our prayers, and we greatly anticipate a visit from you here as soon as you are able. Our little fellowship has been blessed with several new families, and they would be blessed to get to know you also.

In His continuing love, Carole Forde (SONRISE1@aol.com)