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30 years ago, when I was living on Stacy Avenue, in Las Vegas, Nevada; the Lord sent Stacy Wood, Jr. to minister at a small conference. I was invited to go, and was blessed by his message that night.
As yet, the truth of Christ's total reconciliation had not been revealed to me or anyone I knew; and nothing in Stacy's message betrayed that Good News. Later in the evening, Stacy came down to minister individually to certain ones whom God indicated. He stopped and waited beside me as he received a Word from the Lord. He said, "I saw you in a vision. You were in the basket of a hot air balloon, waiting to ascend. You wanted so badly to arise, you were tugging hard at the ropes holding you to the ground. Then you stopped and thought a minute, and the answer came to you. Suddenly you began to lift the ropes off their hooks "inside" the basket, and they fell to the earth, and then you ascended."
Stacy interpreted what I already discerned; that while my life stayed attached to this world, with its soulish ties and relationships and personal priorities, I could not ascend in the Spirit. But as I released those binding ropes, I ascended. I went home and prayed for grace to do just that. And in time, my life indeed became a living anthem of: Though none go with me, still I will follow; no turning back! The Lord eventually removed my husband, my teenage children, two close sisters in Christ; and my house, my furniture, even the piano on which I had ministered in music for years; even my family of origin retired to a cool distance. But CHRIST ASCENDED IN MY HEART and filled every void! And to this very day, He still floods my spirit continually with the Light of glorious revelations of Himself!
Shortly after my first, prophetic encounter with Stacy, the Holy Spirit led me to research his name; and while I knew that WOODS means A DENSE GROWTH OF TREES; to my surprise, I found that the name Stacy means RESURRECTION So when I met this man named RESSURECTION TREES I was residing on RESURRECTION AVENUE!! And now, Christ has called this dear saint to ascend to His eternal Resurrection Life, just before the time we celebrate Easter, the RESURRECTION DAY! Can this be prophetic of the soon approaching manifestation of the sons of God; that glorious adoption, and redemption of our Body; our ASCENDING INTO RESURRECTION LIFE here on earth?
Stacy knows for sure now, as he rejoices in his new resurrection body! God bless him. Our precious fellowship focused partly on the blessed life, and homegoing, of our dear brother; and our prays and comfort and encouragement poured out for Pam who is carrying on in Christ. Bless you dear sister; and know that you are never alone; and even though none go with you, still you must follow; no turning back! God keep you in His grace,

Carole Forde - - (SONRISE1@aol.com)