Stacy's Transition

This month I sent out the most difficult email I had ever written. It needed a little refining but read about like this:

The last thing heard before a rocket blasts off is the count down,

3 - 2 – 1 – BLAST OFF!

Well, there was a blast off in Canton, Georgia. It was Stacy R. Wood, Jr. who blasted out of this realm into the next, I am sure right into the middle of Father. Every question answered, every pain gone! New kidneys? Naw, he doesn't need them now, I suspect his body is much better than he had here.

He left us peacefully at 3:21pm on March 14, 2007. His appendix had burst on March 8 and he did not recover from the surgery. His brother Doug and Doug's wife Esther were with him at the last breath. I had just stepped out for a bit of fresh air. Doug teased me by saying, it was a good thing, as I wouldn't shut up long enough for Stacy to leave. I read the Bible to him, sang silly songs, told him I loved him, and rambled on saying all the things I knew I would never say again to my darling husband’s physical ears.

Stacy is right where he has always wanted to be. I am so grateful for all he taught me and will continue to teach me. Although I would say my time with him was way too short, apparently Father has other plans for him now. Can’t you see Stacy teaching a group who are staring at him with awe for all the knowledge God has given him? You see, Stacy and I do not believe that life quits when we cross over to the other side, instead we believe we continue teaching and learning and growing in the things of God. I can't wait until he comes to me in the night and whispers truths in my ear. How could it be otherwise? After all, he said he would never leave me nor forsake me. And he has kept his promise; I feel his love and comfort in a very real way.

I thank everyone who prayed for us while he was in the hospital and I want to say your prayers were answered. He is home and in no pain, and doing exactly what he loves. (Remember, he never called this earth his home). Stacy crossed over on the eighth day of his hospital stay. Eight signifies new beginning, new beginnings for both Stacy and for me. We had just celebrated our 8th anniversary! Lots of 8's.

His body has been cremated. This is what he said he wanted. I am so thankful that he made sure the entire family knew so there was absolute agreement between us. We also agreed on not having a memorial service here in Georgia. However, contributions to help with the cremation costs may be made to Promised Seed Ministries and sent to the Alhambra office. If you feel the need to fellowship and remember all the good things about him, I am sure Stacy would be pleased if you do so over coffee or dinner. I assure you, he will be right in the midst of your conversation.

Now I am in charge of running Promised Seed Ministries, which I will do from California. I can’t wait to be close to my parents again. For eight years Stacy had been training me and while sitting at his feet I learned as quickly as my humble mind was able. I know Father has a plan and he will show me the way. I see the possibility of getting all the teaching videos made of Stacy while at Florida Theological Seminary put on DVD. True, he was much younger but wouldn't it be fun to watch him teach again? It was always Stacy’s desire to teach via the Internet so as I get the time and money, I will get all VHS teaching put on DVD and up on our web site. I also hope to make them available in our catalog. I am getting invitations across the U.S. and even from Africa, Greece and Australia to visit and proclaim the good news of the happy God, who is Savior of all and condemner of none. Stacy has left me his mantel and I am carrying on where he left off. We talked about it many times and I know it honors him.

We scattered Stacy’s ashes on 3-21, (note the date!), on a trout stream Chatsworth, GA. Doug's wife, Esther is from China and is very traditional and she felt the need to have a proper ceremony for Stacy. Jana also remembered her Dad saying he wanted his ashes sprinkled. I recalled the week before all this happened he said how much he wanted to go fishing with his brothers and he talked about trout fishing in waist-high water. Doug and Esther, Lee, Myself, Ward and Becki Eister, a couple who are good friends from California, did the honor. As we sprinkled him by handfuls into the water we all spoke a few words to him as if he were right there with us, I guess he could have been although he did not make a noticeable appearance. But I must say that the night before the ceremony he did appear to Becki Eister, in a dream. I will ask Becki to tell the dream so I can put it on the promiseed website but for right now let me give my recollection in a few words. We were "all" standing in an empty auditorium when Stacy appeared, he said, "There is life after death and it is good." He had more to say but I do not right now recall what. Keep checking at www.promiseed.com for updates and new additions.

Speaking of promiseed.com, I am excited to say that Stacy III, Jana, their mates and the grand children are going to be helping me with the web site by writing. I will be sure to display anything they create with special links. I also hope that you will help me by sending anything special you remember about Stacy or if he happens to "visit" you with words of encouragement or even prophecy. I truly expect that we will be hearing from him on occasion. Please do not think me weird, it is just my understanding that the other realm, also called heaven, is not as far removed as we were once taught. Promised Seed Ministries has become a family operated ministry. This will keep promiseed.com alive and interactive.

I have come to the practical application of lifting my thinking to where I am seated with Christ Jesus and Stacy. It is so easy for me to look around, not see him sitting somewhere close, and then let my mind dwell on his absence, but this is not where I choose to remain. I can instantly lift my thinking to the heavenlies. True, it is my choice and occasionally I dwell on the earthen plain, but immediately I can be transformed to a higher plain where there are no feelings of loss, remorse, or even tears. This is where the sons of God live and have their being. I am practicing what Stacy taught me, sure, it is a minute-by-minute application, but I know he is happy at how I am progressing.

I thank all who are contributing to Stacy's cremation costs, I know he is pleased that so many have seen fit to help us for he was concerned that he would leave me burdened with bills and without an income.