Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand. Phi 4:5-7
(And am I ever glad he is!)

October 2005

Just One Of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days where you’ve made a mistake that left you feeling pretty stupid? The last week of June I had one of those days. I accidentally shredded the end of June 2005 correspondence letters from you.All the cash & checks had been deposited. This just means that we did not get to read all the wonderful cards and letters, nor update our database with your information. If you have not received a thank-you letter for your June contribution or if you have not received an order you placed with us, please write again or send an email to promiseed@promiseed.com. Be sure to include the amount of the contribution or material you ordered along with your full name, address, city & state.

It was just one of those mornings when I was busy trying to catch up on answering email, sending thank-you letters, and preparing the order forms when I remembered I first needed to clear out all last month’s records. To be on the safe side, at the end of the month I shred all the envelopes and information you send. This time I put a bit too much into the shredder and it jammed. It took me about 30 minutes to un-jam it, (thinking I never would), and in my rush to get back to work, I grabbed the wrong pile. The checks had already been deposited, we only had not yet updated our database with all your information.

There was a time when, if I made a mistake, the feeling of self loathing would be so great I would berate myself for hours and sometimes days. I remember I once told an older friend of mine that I hated making mistakes worse than anything else in the world. She, with aged wisdom, replied, “You might as well get use to it Honey, you’re going to make a lot of them!” As I remember this, I smile and I’m thankful that I can now allow myself to make mistakes. Even more wonderful, I can accept myself, I understand that I have a Heavenly Father who loves and accepts me just the way I am, mistakes and all. Yes, there was a time when a mistake like shredding information needed for my database would have destroyed my sense of “well-being,” but now, I find myself waiting with anticipation to hear from my heavenly Father.

Speaking of waiting with anticipation, we are getting a clearer picture of “Promised Seed School of Ministry” for the Internet. Last week Stacy made the comment that if I would also learn web designing, we could quickly complete the basics of our web site. Next we could start concentrating on a format for the school. This struck me with such force that I immediately started taking the online courses. I am just in the beginning classes and am amazed at how much I have to learn to even start editing our web site. None-the-less, I am not daunted by the magnitude of information, but instead, I am steadily prodding along so I might lighten Stacy’s load. Once we both are working on the web site, we can start thinking about the presentation of our courses. We are also considering accreditation, so those whom God calls to kingdom understanding, (sonship, or whatever title it is now called), can find academic value in the studies. In it all, as huge of an endeavor as this will be, we know that the Lord is at hand and leading us onward!

I bring you these tidings with Great Joy,