Pamla's Pause

April 2005

Learning To Be About My Father's Business

As Stacy prepared "The Implanter" for printing, he said, "Where's your Pamla's Pause?" I told him I had several thoughts almost ready and would get right on it first thing in the morning, while he was being dialyzed. Well, needless to say, I got busy and did not get my writing finished. I did try, but none of my previously prepared thoughts seemed to flow or come together. So later that night, at bedtime, I sought to hear Father's heart on what I should share. After awaking the next morning, I went directly to my computer, (not having a dream, vision, or even a scripture), I began typing what was on my heart. I was just one paragraph into the "Pause," when Stacy informed me that his computer would not print his writings. Now, as office manager, it is my responsibility to make sure everything are properly "net worked" and running. So I quit what I was doing and started troubleshooting. Everything had been fine last night. What in the world happened between last night and this morning? In my heart I was crying out, "How am I going to get Pamla's Pause ready today if I don't get time to type it?"

I say all this because I finally came to the point of recognizing this is what our lives are all about. We need to be about Father's business during "our" busy times, as well as, our quiet times. It is important to stop doing what we think we MUST do and start doing what Father gives us to do.

For me I find it especially true while Stacy is at dialysis. This is the time when I do all my grocery shopping, auto repairs, oil changes, tire rotations and go to Office Depot for office supplies, an hour and a half from the dialysis clinic. Yet, with all this it is paramount for me to take the time to be about the work Father has entrusted to me. (2Co. 5:14-21) I cannot tell you how many times, as I walk through a place business, God shines His light on someone, who needs my time and counsel. It is so wonderful, as I stop to listen to people, to realize that my Father placed me in their path to create peace within their life. As a member of the son company, I have the authority to set people free from any legalistic religious concepts concerning life's difficulties. No longer do I quote scripture to people, instead, I share with them the life God has given me! Hallelujah! What an honor and joy to finally have something to give creation. I no longer have the need to to share a bunch of self righteous concepts and scripture that make people feel worse about their circumstances, because I can now share the Christ life with them, which is life more abundant.

You might ask, "Pamla how do you do this?" It all begins with taking the time to listen to people and their problems, all the while relying on the Spirit of Christ within to help me find the solution for their situation. I take the time to give heart-felt solutions to strangers, for I realize they are part of my family. I try to treat each individual, as if they are my own children, parents, or siblings. If I get the opportunity, I check back with them later to see how they are doing and they are most often very excited about what is happening in their lives.

I find my greatest challenge at the dialysis clinic. Dialysis is not a cure, but a temporary fix. Some patients live a few months and others live for many years on dialysis. However, for each individual it is a day to day challenge to get up and go in for the treatment. As the hormonal levels go up and down, so do feelings of good health and happiness. Most have financial problems, housing problems and family problems. Some have a good relationship with our Lord, some almost hate him for letting them go though these difficulties. Still others do not have any sort of relationship with Him, yet.

All this to say, it is imperative that I take time out of my busy day, even from the seemingly 'God business' things, to be about my Father's business, which is to set creation free. Creation is groaning, as it awaits the unveiling of God's sons. (Rom 8:19). Let us begin manifesting by putting off our busyness and putting on 'Christedness.'

I want to close my thoughts by saying, Stacy and I love and miss you all, and we look forward to seeing you when his kidneys are healed and we once again have the opportunity to travel. We look forward to seeing those of you who can make it to the May gathering here in Georgia.

In Christ's Love,