Pamla's Pause

November 1, 2004

Changes! Changes! Changes!

Stacy and Pamla Wood These are the prophetic words we have been hearing for a number of years. They always left us with the question, “What exactly are the changes?” Well, the time of change has come and there is no more question, for the Father has given us direction and vision. Nearly thirty-five years ago Stacy’s life was dramatically altered, when the Father sent him out from the “work force” to live by the ministry. It was miraculous how doors opened throughout the United States and the nations of world without any need of self promotion. Someday he will write down his testimony and we will share the work of the Lord in our lives from the beginning, but we do not have the room to do it in this letter.

Our last mailing was nearly three years ago, in March 2001. We have continued to send a monthly audio teaching tape (TOM) to those who asked to receive them. The present experience in our lives is producing a real change in our thinking and mode of ministry to the body of Christ. After traveling, nearly nonstop for so many years, the breaks have been applied to the traveling. In the past year we have gone out twice in ministry and both of these were weekend trips. This has caused some to ask, “Where have you been lately?” “When are you coming our way?” Thus, we write this letter to update everyone at the same time with what is happening in our lives.

Health Update

To begin we have received numerous requests, asking for an update on Stacy’s health. In a nutshell, he is doing so much better since starting dialysis. For you that are not aware, about six years ago Stacy was diagnosed with renal failure (kidney failure). Along with this he suffered several severe bouts of congestive heart failure (CHF). After his last bout with CHF, the doctors told him extensive damage had been done to his heart.

Picture of our little red barn taken Fall of 2004

During the time all of this was going on with his health we continued to travel, intermittently returning home to the mountains of California. There we lived in a beautiful and quiet location near Yosemite National Park that belonged to Stacy’s youngest brother and his family. We appreciate their faithfulness to the ministry in providing this place for us. The difficulty was in the location, because we lived about two hours from doctors, as some might say, "in the sticks or boondocks." The visits with the cardiologist, at that time, yielded an even bleaker report. They told us he would need an operation to straighten out the damage done to his heart. Some of you will remember his condition during these times. It was with difficulty he walked from the parking area into the doctors office. His breath was short and he had to rest often. However, I will always remember the incredulous look of confusion on the doctor’s face as he looked at the lab results. He smiled and said, “If I believed in miracles, I have seen one today, your heart is 100% restored.” Praise the Lord! Stacy’s step was much lighter and my breath came much easier as we left the doctors office that day. I became even more mindful that God can do anything.

Update On Location

A short time after this we heard the Father say, “You are going to move from this location.” Not knowing exactly where or when we began to consider making a move. It was shortly thereafter that Stacy’s brother told us they needed to sell the property we were living on in California. Then we received a phone call from our dear friends, Tom and Naomi Boyd. They live in what I have heard Stacy call “a little corner of heaven on earth,” Blue Ridge, Georgia. They told us they were converting a little Stacy and Pamla infront of 
	  the "Little Red Baarn."red barn into a house and they felt we were to be the occupants. From there everything fell together, as only the Lord can cause it to happen. We made our move and arrived at our new home on July 4, 2003. It is a small but comfortable with two bedrooms, two baths, with an office built onto it. There are plans to add on another room and porches in time. Moving here has been a tremendous blessing, because we are no longer two hours from civilization. We also have several friends located on the property, who I can call on to help me and Stacy should the need ever arise.

More Health Update

Shortly after moving to Blue Ridge, Georgia, Stacy said the Father told him it was time to do what the doctors had been saying he needed to do for the last 4 years. He went to the hospital and had an access placed in his left arm in preparation for starting dialysis. Then in March 2004, he started dialysis. This means he goes to the clinic, in Ellijay, Georgia, three times a week, for a minium of 4 hours each session. Not including the half hour drive to and from the dialysis clinic and the hour or so to connect and disconnect from the machine. He drives to the clinic, but is normally much too tired to drive home, so I go with him. All this to say a big chunk of our day and week involves dialysis. Stacy takes his computer with him, but he can only use one hand and that just part of the time.

Stacy is feeling much better now that he has started this process, although he says there is a constant mental battle with feeling he has lost his usefulness by becoming so confined to home. The dialysis machine is an amazing thing. Three days of four hour treatments does what normal functioning kidneys do 24/7, by removing toxins and fluids from the body. When he arrives in the clinic they weigh him and then seat him in a special dialysis chair. Next, they stick two huge needles into the access in his left upper arm. Then, they begin the process of extracting his blood using a hand pump! Just kidding! We thank God for modern technology. The machine completely recycles the blood, out of his body through the artificial kidney and back into the body, 8 to 10 times an hour. In the process, filtering out all the toxins, a job that his kidneys no longer care to do. This process also removes several liters of excess fluids. We are also thankful for the staff, three wonderful, dedicated, sensitive, caring people, each with a good sense of humor. Their days at the clinic begin around 5:00 AM, and end some time after 6:30 PM. Although our clinic has only five chairs and machines, they are full most of the time.

Ministry Update

Stacy and I are very happy here in Blue Ridge. There is a local gathering and we minister as the Lord directs. So far we have not been traveling out of state, due to difficultly with dialysis at other clinics. For years we have traveled from town to town, some times holding meetings in two or three places within a few miles of each other. People have been so accustomed to this that they would simply wait for us to come across town to their location. However, it will be different now, because when we come into an area we hope folks will come to where we are ministering to hear what the Lord has given. Moreover, because of the time needed for dialysis each week, Stacy says we will need to fly and rent a vehicle in the area. Flying is not easy these days, because new regulations say they can charge Stacy for two coach tickets due to his size. Because I care for him, it will take three coach or 2 first class tickets to make a trip.

Since we have cut back on traveling, quite a number of people ask, “Where should we send support for Promised Seed Ministries?” We still receive all financial support through the Alhambra office in California. There, Laura, a good friend, picks up our mail and deposits any enclosed checks into our bank. She then sends us the envelopes with the information written on it and all personal notes. I enter the information in our data base and send out thank you letters from our home in Georgia. We do it this way because, as you know, when we do travel it is necessary to keep the bills paid on the home front. We have not changed this method, as we still believe we will be ministering around the country.

We have also been asked, “What are you doing now that you travel so little?.” Well, we are certainly staying busy here in Blue Ridge. The door Father has opened to the ministry is quite time consuming. As the finances come available, Stacy has been taking some Internet classes to advance his webmaster skills. He is interested in developing skills more advanced than MS FrontPage, because he has a vision for creating Promised Seed School of Ministry Online. Many know he was the Dean of Curriculum at Florida Theological Seminary in Orlando Florida for a couple of years, which was an avenue of the ministry he enjoyed immensely. If everything goes as we hope, we will make both audio and video Bible classes available Online. It is our desire to become accredited and offer degrees for completed courses of study. All this is quite time consuming and costly, but we feel the time has come for the present movement of God’s kingdom to break forth in fullness to all who have an ear to hear. God gives us the direction and the internet gives us availability. We ask each of you to join with us in prayer for the increase in knowledge, understanding, wisdom, time and finances, which are all necessary to reach the goal.

We Are Expecting A Miracle

We are continuing to trust Father for a full and complete healing of Stacy’s body. We know from past experiences that Father is more than capable. Remember. Only two years ago God gave Stacy a 100% restoration of his heart. God can do anything! And I am waiting, with great expectation, for him to reverse the doctor’s prognosis of Stacy's kidney condition. We look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen, for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal. (2Co. 4:18).

With Love,