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T80 - Manifesting Your Revelation


The importance of hearing God today is so that we can press into him new and fresh for our generation. The time has come to quit blindly living out of the traditions that have been passed on to us from generation to generation. We need to find that which is the reality of Christ life for our day. Just like the revelators of old there is a need to manifest the revelation that will cause reformation to the religious minded.

There is a body of people who are standing up to say, “If you’re looking for Christ to come, He’s here. He’s here in many members. He’s the anointed one in your midst.” The truth of the matter is that some of us don’t really know who we are in Him. If we knew who we were we would know that we are the answer to creation’s groan. It is not because of what we have made of ourselves or what we can make ourselves, but because of what God determined. We need to manifest the revelation of Christ for our generation.

Religion robbed us by making us an intermediate between God and man, instead of making us one with God to touch man. So, what is the revelation for our generation? We can find an answer in Isaiah 58 with the fast God chooses. It is when we start touching creation, the veil is removed. That which hides us from creation is then done away and we shine forth as the light of the world. This happens when we begin to set creation free from darkness. The time has come for us to awaken out of our slumber and take our position in the earth as kings and priests. First to uncover the light of the glory of God that we have so long concealed and then to minister it to mankind.
Rom 11:23; 14:4; 1 Co. 1:9, 25, 10:13, 14:33; 2Co. 1:18, 9:8; Gal. 3:21: Heb. 1:6, 12:29; 1Jo. 1:5; 3:20; 4:8).

Blessings, Pamla

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