by:Frank Pellegrino

Considering that we are all joined in a unique community of believers with a variety of concepts I believe that in order to co-exist in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect I need to make this statement. I honor all the members and their right to hold any beliefs whether it is in channeling, spirit guides, angelic messengers, emanations, energies of the various locations and the earth. magnetic resonance or grids. Astrology, reincarnation oneness, god self, Eastern religions, Mother earth. parallel universes or any other belief not mentioned. And I celebrate every ones uniqueness and recognize their individual journey.

When I speak I have determined not to minimize, criticize or in any way demean anothers belief system. I desire to speak in a redemptive manner in order to share my insights and observations to help the hearer grow. As for my belief, I do need to state clearly that I believe that all the World and all of us were created out of God by and through and in JESUS Christ who is the word referred to in John chapter 1. I believe that Jesus is the Christ the fully God, fully man head of the many membered body of Christ which is the building and dwelling place of God. He is the Alpha the Omega, the beginning and the end as St. Paul says "the Foundation" of our faith, the stone rejected of the builders that has become the chief cornerstone. He is the vine and we are the branches we are fruitful when we are connected to Him.

The finished work refers to the act of substitution where in he was crucified as us and for us so that we do not need to experience death or to add anything to be justified and reconciled to God . By identifying with His death and resurrection we are freed from our sense of separation from the Father, it is the finished work. It does not mean that Jesus' work is finished. He continues to be the author and finisher of our faith and continues to guide us through His Spirit and His example. It is through Him that we experience victory and are seated in heavenly places. That we are heirs and joint heirs with Him that it is through Him that we have access to the Father and are able to be empowered to become all that we came out of God to be in this earth. He empowers us to manifest God and set creation free.

I believe He is not only a truth, and the way shower or just the life giver but is the very Way, the Truth and the Life the very source of eternal resurrected God life. I know him no longer, after the flesh, that is as the carpenter from Gallilee but the Christ that did and is still doing the will of the Father. I am still physical but I no longer see myself or anyone else after the flesh but after that Christ Life (doing the redemptive will of the Father).

He manifested God while a man before his death and resurrection, evidenced by the transfiguration and the many miracles he performed in His ministry. He was still Jesus coming out of the tomb confirmed by Thomas who put his fingers into the wounds. Jesus as a physical man was acknowlwdge by John the Baptist as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. The voice from heaven declared the Fathers pleasure with His Son Jesus.

I am saddened when a message implies that the man from Galilee, was just a teacher, a prophet, avatar or just another enlightened person, and when He left this plane His work was over. Presenting the Father as a unfeeling, impersonal energy or force that can only be described as our source and not as a Father, I am surprised when someone says that we can do greater things than He did without acknowledging that it is through Him this is possible as the scriptures declare. Do people forget that Jesus walked out of the tomb, His and our tomb, triumphantly overcoming death and the grave.

In summary I am a Christian, I have a relationship with this Jesus That has brought me to the Father the Most High God and has revealed to me my oneness with the Father. I came out of Him a Son begotten of a Father. I see Jesus as the Federal head of mankind my federal head. As I lived out of a false Beast nature through Adam I now live out of my real Son nature through Jesus Christ. This is revealed through identification with Jesus. the sacrificed lamb that was slain before the foundation of the world to remove my sense of separation from the Father. The name of Jesus is to be honored, praised and I ascribe worth and value to Him because the bible declares that "every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that JESUS Christ is Lord". That He is The Christ anointed of God and that through Him and in Him we share that anointing.

Although Peter had a revelation of the identity of Jesus as THE Christ and God dwelled in Him, he still denied Him 3 times. Peter had no power to function as a Son of God until he received the Holy Spirit on Pentecost . I do not appreciate when I am told that I should not worship someone outside myself. Jesus is a real person indwelling me by His Spirit, but is not me, and I am in Him but I am not Him. I am connected to Jesus as a branch to the Vine, lead by Him, the Shepherd through His Holy Spirit. I believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God and that the book of Revelation is to reveal primarily the man/God JESUS CHRIST and his role as the head of this body, the first of many brothers we call the church, not a cosmic non entity energy generic christ. He is the one Worthy to open the seals. I am now part of a many membered Christ on the earth and Jesus Christ is the Head of that body. I am not a freelance Christ seeking how I can attract things to myself but an obedient son seeking the mind of Christ to do the will and purpose of the Most High God, My Heavenly Father.

Love Frank Pellegrino

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