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					Title: Pamla's Pause

April 2015

Only Hope

Recently I awoke with a start; my darling husband was in what seemed to me to be the throes of a stroke.....

Dave’s alarm, set for 4:30am, to get him up for dialysis, went off and he did not spring from bed, as usual, to shut it off. The alarm must have sounded four times before I got out of bed and could get to Dave. He did not wake up; he was sluggish, could not set up, and could not talk to me. I thought he was playing a joke on me, so I yelled at him to get up and get ready, only he couldn not do what I asked. When it penetrated my sleepy head that he was not playing around, he was really in distress, I called 911. We waited and prayed for the 10 minutes it took EMT, (emergency medical technicians), to get to our home. Fear tried to grip my thinking, I imagined our lives were over as we knew them, his mouth was twisted, and he could not communicate. My only salvation was that I knew that my Heavenly Father has only good planned for my life and nothing, absolutely nothing, would be too much for me, with his help.

I thought, "How would I keep Dave at home, he weighs 280 pounds and I can’t possibly get him up and down and handle his weight. I love him so much, Oh Lord, please help us."; EMT’s arrived and promptly started the tests necessary to analyze the situation. Within minutes they found his blood sugar levels were down to 36 and started giving him glucose, (they said it was similar to a tube of frosting). Next we received the good news that when his readings get higher he should be fine and there was no need to go the hospital. The hope that flooded my soul brought great relief, and I thought "I wonder how people can stand it when there is no hope at the end, when a stroke or heart attack is the end result?’

Dave’s recovery was complete and a trip to the hospital was not necessary. All I could do was praise the Lord, thank the paramedics, and dote on my husband. How wonderful to have hope fulfilled.

This situation gave me a good lesson concerning the importance of hope. It is imperative to understand and teach others, that HOPE comes with the recognition of God’s eternal LOVE for us. There is nothing else we can hold on to other than the true, heartfelt realization that God loves us just the way we are, without reservation, and he has good planned for our lives. It is important that we share this good news with others. We need take every opportunity to tell people that God loves them just the way they are. We need not worry about changing people, that is God’s job, we can trust him to do the work. We can be there to give guidance, to be an example and to show our Father’s unconditional love.

David is not in the clear yet, he had another low blood sugar spell the next week, (which I now know how to handle without any problems). He says I saved his life twice. This experience has left me wondering how many people die from low blood sugar. I know that he would not have been able to turn over to reach his nightstand, even if he’d had something there to bring the glucose up, and would probably have slipped into a diabetic coma. Not that I worry about Dave, we are all appointed a time to die, and to be found in the presence of our God and Father will be wonderful.

A short update for those who did not receive our 2014 newsletter, my Mom crossed over into the full time presence of our Lord last February 26; Dave and I married on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Mendocino on March 30. Dave continues in dialysis three days a week, my brother, Bob, is continuing his fight with third stage pancreatic cancer, my sister, Terrie, is facing major reconstructive back surgery, and my Dad is dealing with numbness on the left side after the stroke, and now the ligament in his right arm is torn and needs to be surgically repaired. In all these trials and victories, we praise our Lord. Our ministry continues to the one He gives us, and we are happy serving Him in whatever way he makes available.

Be encouraged that every prayer and the words you speak are blessings to those around you. In due time flowers will come forth and people will realize the value. We pray this newsletter finds you and yours filled with newness of spirit and joy.




David’s Blog

The Lord keeps on blessing me. Pam mentioned my bouts with low blood sugar. They were terrifying because I was aware but unable to talk, or move. I woke up to emergency medical technicians working on me. I felt what was almost panic, I was fearful of the unknown, but I have been in this position many times, so I held it in.

The Lord keeps blessing me, as on the third of March, I collapsed on the floor while entering the dialysis clinic. When I was triaged at Sutter Lakeside Hospital in Lakeport, a doctor told Pam that I would not survive the night. They put me on a helicopter, to transport me to California Pacific Medical Center, in San Francisco.

Because my blood was overloaded with CO2, I was intubated for three days, released to critical care, and immediately relapsed, resulting in three more days of intubation. Those five days were some of the worst days of my life. For some reason, they kept me awake. It took three additional days before I was strong enough to walk; then I started to demand that I be released. It was unthinkable that I should be away from Pam; if I could walk, I should be home. San Francisco is a long drive from Lakeport, and Pam’s car had cracked the head in 3 places.

Was the Emergency room doctor so far wrong? I doubt it, as my whole life has been a series of doctors declaring me terminal. I moved to Lakeport after a doctor in the SF bay area declared that I had a year to live, twenty-five years ago. Twice, (1994/ 2000) I almost died of congestive heart failure, since then, I figured that I owed it to myself to live in a pleasant environment for my last act. Thus I feel blessed, as I have been counted out so many times and the Lord seems to save me for his own reasons. Lake County has exceeded my expectations, as the lake views Pam & I enjoy have made life a wonderful experience.

I have seen so many miracles since I have been married to Pam. The power of prayer for Pam and her sister Terrie seems almost super- natural. Terrie had a kitchen sink problem, and she and she was too sick to work on it. Out of the blue, a professional plumber knocked on her door and asked if she needed help, fixed her sink, refused to accept payment, though she later made him accept twenty dollars. Another example: She needed a home as Pam sold her old home where Terrie had been living. Terrie had been voluntarily caring for a lady across the street, who was terminally ill. When she passed, she left her house and car to Terrie. Left with back house payments and space rent, a neighbor knocked on the door and said the Lord told her to give Terrie two thousand dollars.

I grew up resenting hypocrites, often church-going people. My parents used both Sunday school and church, for a baby sitter, so I would not interrupt their drinking. I would sit on the curb waiting for a ride home for hours. Sometimes, the Pastor would take pity on me and take me home. Enough about my background, the point is that the Lord has given me grace, and rewarded my patience with true love, even at my advanced age. Father can do anything, in fact, he often anticipates our needs. For example: We had a great day, making lots of extra money, and later we found out that we had to stay in Santa Rosa for weeks at a time while my eyes healed after an operation.

I learned so much due to Pam’s faith and her "walking the walk, not just talking the talk". My faith in people, religion, and my appreciation for life was improved exponentially. Our faith is a grounding experience, not only because of organized churches, but one on one, and small groups who can keep a running dialogue with the father. I believe God is Love, not fire and brimstone. Our souls eventually join the father, who is everywhere. We are part of his existence, as all things are part of him. Therefore, he is with us all, always. I am always intrigued by Isaac Asimov’s, "a mote in God’s eye". The theory of that was a catalyst, making me realize that Jungian psychology of a mass unconscious was based on what we all experience, occasionally. Jung’s Archetype theory has proven to be a part of the puzzle, just to prove that men are brothers, no matter what culture, ethnic group, and language spoken. Parallel development is old hat to students of sociology, and foreign cultures, and sometimes, religions. Humanity is mostly open to recognizing Jesus. Our missionaries have been proving that for generations. China is one example, even before the communist revolution, the word of God was being taught to an increasing number of converts. Missions were scattered all over China. Africa, and throughout the world, brave missionaries shared the word of God. Enough of this, as I am not lecturing one of my classes; I am a humble student of life and all its inherent anomalies. The more I learn, the more ignorant I feel. God’s creations are so wondrous, varied, and mysterious, that man is still only scraping the surface.



Ps.. My brother, Bobby, now finds himself the presence of our God and Father, full time. His body died this week after a 2 year battle with cancer; it is to our great joy we KNOW that his spirit lives on. Now with his Mom, 2 sisters, and numerous other family members, friends and saints, he is no longer in pain. He always loved to make me laugh, I miss his physical presence, but I am grateful that his wife still comes to visit.

Blessings & love,
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