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May 2013

New Year, New Things

Happy Holidays to you and Yours. Dave and I pray this season is especially blessed with happiness and joy. We are doing wonderfully here in Lakeport, CA and are so grateful to be a part of this enlightened age. Our Heavenly Father is bringing forth new revelation to witness his great love and acceptance for all his creation.
I have graduated from college with a B.A. and will go on to pass the CBest test which tells the state of California that I am qualified to substitute teach. My David teaches at my old High School in Upper Lake, where they love him, and I will join him in "sub-ing".
It would difficult to put onto paper what a long and difficult journey college has been for me, but I will suffice to say that I would not have skipped the experience because I have learned so much about this earth and God’s creation. Apparently, on this side of Heaven, we never learn it all, we just keep developing new ways at looking at the world. It is our good fortune that the world is our school, an ongoing process that enlarges our thinking all our lives.
From what I see, we do NOT want to be stuck in old patterns or concepts, God is all about doing “New Things.” (Isa 42:9, 48:6, Mat 13:52, 2Co 5:17; Rev 21:5) That doesn’t mean there is not a foundation on which we stand, that foundation being Christ. his anointing, (1 Co 10:4) Fortunately we need only let God do the work showing us his will and direction, then open our thinking to his spirit and be willing to change direction if we feel to do so. It is important to understand that He is pouring out his spirit in fullness in us, not out there some where.
Thank you for your continued prayers for my Mom, our Heavenly Father is certainly able to bring her mind back to us. My brother has a tumor on his pancreas which has metastasized onto his liver, his doctor said he has 5 months. We know our Father is full of miracles and we expect one for Bobby. My dear Sister helps with our parents as much as she is able in her condition, 2 screws in her back bone have popped the heads off and surgery is imminent. My Dad is doing so very well since his stroke a year ago, although he is 82, he continues to maintain the 1&1/2 acre property, cut wood and assist Mom. David’s parents passed away in the early 1980s, his 2 brothers and one sister remain in contact, we do not see them often. One brother, Al, has health issues and could use your prayers, whereas the other siblings are doing well, (although prayers are always appreciated).
Thank you so much for your out pouring of love for us and our family, I love and miss you. Dave and I pray we will one day get in your direction so you can meet him and we can be reunited to rejoice in spirit and love. We appreciate what Father is doing in and through you. David and I find ministry in the Casinos here in Lake County; Father has given us a people who need His touch. It is so wonderful to rest His perfect love and care, wanting for nothing and knowing that all is provided. We are seeing miracle upon miracle here, we are so grateful to be children of the Living God, who is so awesome.
Speaking of children, Stacy and Amy have made me a great-grandma. Their son, Cody, has a 4 month old son. Carter & Cody live with Stacy and Amy. He is such a cutie, I hope to see him before he has a son! Their oldest son, Christopher is living on his own and doing very well. The twins, Amber and Kayla, enter college next fall and little Stacy is now going on 14! All are doing very well. Jana and Jeff have divorced and are finding happiness in their own way. Their 2 girls are doing well; both are living on their own, no great grand children there yet.
We pray you have Happy Holidays and a wonderfully blessed New Year

In His Everlasting Love - Pamla

When evil, (ill health, problems, crisis) strike, we know we can trust God. We know HE is faithful and worth all our praise and trust, regardless of what trials we are suffering. Even with all the ups and downs, the rewards are numerous. We are coming into a place where none of these things bother us any longer. There is a place in Christ where the waters are calm, the food is plentiful and peace abounds. It is not always easy to keep our thinking set in Christ where there is rest, but it is the only place where life is abundant and worth living.

We pray that hope abounds in your heart today. Keep in mind that you are shedding seeds of hope every where you step, with every word you utter, now or later, nothing is lost in our Father's great plan.

We do thank each and everyone for continued prayer and support of this ministry. Your prayerful support enables us to continue sharing the Good News of the Happy God, who is Savior of all and condemner of none. Terrie, Dave and I love and pray the Lord’s blessings continue to pour forth upon each of you, beyond all you could ask or think. (Eph. 3:20).

More To Come . . .