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February 2012

The Hole

The Hole. Sometimes.... we dig a hole and find ourselves trapped inside, with no apparent way out, no answers, no tangible help. But then.... GOD! God says, I fill the hole. I fill it with faith, with love, with trust, this hole you have dug can only be filled with my help. Look to me, I give the answers to your problems. Yes, YOU may have created the problem in the first place and you do not feel worthy to even ask for my help, but ask anyway. Do you not realize that if you had not dug that hole, I would not be able show you my ability to fill it? That which is already full has no need for filling, digging holes is a part of human nature and once dug it is the law of nature that they need be filled. (One way or another!)

My sister dug herself a financial hole a while back and we waited and waited to see how Father was going to fill it. We stood in faith, (he gives us faith), we stood in anticipation, (what good would it do to doubt?), and we waited. (This waiting is what we call binding together with our Father in belief that whatever he does is good. Even the learning process is good for us.)

This hole was filled when a woman from our mobile home park stopped Terrie in a store and said, "I know you will probably think I am crazy, but God told me to do this." She then pulled out her check book and gave Terrie a check for $2,000.00! This filled the huge hole, gave her enough for her tithe and even left enough to fill up her little car with gas! I ask, how often does a miracle like that happen in a lifetime? Well, it certainly happened in ours. That hole has been filled and plugged. BUT even more than that, we find our faith in God has increased, it has strengthened us, this miracle has given us the ability to hold on during these times of financial difficulties, and even in times of illness.

True, the help he gives may not look exactly like we had hoped, but that hole will be filled it none the less.

Pamla's Signature


Terrie's Just a Thought

We don't have forever...

...just an eternity.

By forever, I mean that death comes to us all. There's no getting around it. And many times it comes in an instant. Accidents happen in a blink of an eye. Many diseases all around us. Our body begins dying the moment it's born. God gives us this body with his specific length of days.

This world is not our home, it’s only our 'forever' address. But God also gave us an eternal address where we shall all someday live.

In John 14:2 Jesus tells us that there are many mansions in his Fathers house and he has gone to prepare a place for us. But he also said in verse 6 that "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh to the Father but by me". We're so consumed with preparing our homes in 'forever land' that we often forget about our (or others) eternal home. Take some time today and everyday to talk to the Father and make as sure your eternal home is as safeguarded as this earthly one, secured in Christ our Lord. Remember, we don't have forever...

Always in Jesus,

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Dave's Blog:

I have learned that God is not just around us, but in us. We are a part of his universe, similar to Jung’s theory of a mass unconscious. I have always felt that my parents are looking down on me, judging me with approval, I hope. But now I realize that everyone who ever lived is looking down on me, and you, and you, and so on. We are all of one piece, a part of his plan, his imagination if you will. I do not know what we did to get the many blessings we have, but I thank God every day and night. I thank him for Pam who has been my salvation and light, giving me not just reason to live, but hope and the best years of my life. I thank God for my warm little mobile home during these times of bitter cold. Okay laugh you Midwesterners, we Californians are not used to the cold as you are, but I assure you, it is cold to us. I thank God for our vehicles, old but serviceable and comfortable. I thank God for the food for our table, and the ability to survive with a little to spare on our meager Social Security check. I thank God for my being able to still substitute teach at a local high school. It is not much money, but infinitely good for my self-esteem. I know Pam would join me in thanking God for her family being alive and healthy. I thank God for my two brothers in the San Francisco bay area and a sister in Indiana. Last I heard, they were all doing well. In fact, I give thanks for my nieces and their children, in Union City, Ca., Idaho, and Salt Lake City. God is so very good to us, we are the blessed on the earth.

I still believe that we must help ourselves, personally and as a society, though; we need to improve our schools, not cut their budgets. We need to encourage community service among our youth. The media insulates all of us from reality, even those of us who have experienced rough times. It really should be part of a young person’s education to see how such a huge portion of our society struggles just to survive. I apologize for my soapbox, it is compulsive!

The father does everything for a reason, even struggle and loss, pain and suffering as well. We appreciate health compared to sickness, wealth to poverty, happiness to despair. Each of these helps us understand and value the positive ones the way they deserve. We are so blessed, especially when we think about all the gifts we have: bodies that are miracles of engineering, and the flora and fauna of this world are of a variety that is unbelievable. The realization that all humans are brothers under the skin is most important, as we are all a part of God, and there is only One God. I know the Father has a place for all of us; space is unlimited because the universe is infinite. God knows no boundaries, no limits, he only sets them for us. The same should be our gratefulness, boundless.


"A Day in Our Lives"

Starring - Promised Seed Ministries

Terrie’s back surgery took 2 operations. She was in the hospital and in a lot of pain but we continued trusting our Father to bring healing to her body. Her back had been deteriorating rapidly for quite some time and this last year the pain increased. She could not even walk up straight, but bent forward at the waist.

That kind of reminds me of Estelle who used to walk up and down our mobile home park. The first time my sister saw her, Estelle was walking hunched over with a walker. Terrie started praying for Estelle, not even knowing her name, asking Father to bring healing to her body. Pretty soon, we noticed Estelle was walking faster and straighter. Within a few months, Terrie went out to talk to Estelle as she was walking by, but Terrie couldn’t catch her! Estelle was up the street at rapid pace and leaving Terrie in her dust!

Later, Terrie caught up with her and they become friends.

I am so proud of my sister and what the Father does through her. We are seeing a full recovery from the surgery, with some minor discomfort. After what Father has done in her life how could we even doubt? A disabled woman with an income of less that $800.00 a month, no savings, now has a home in a nice park, a fully insured car, and a promise of good health.

A really big smile lights up my face as I type this and give thanks to a MIRACLE WORKING GOD.

I know there are a few who request updates on the life and times of Pamla Wood. I must say that I am the most blessed of women. My mobile home sold, (with only a net loss of $16,000.00! (PTL) We have totally moved all Terries’s belongings from it and she is settled into her new home. This was a long process with my homework taking all my time, effort and mental agility.

Speaking of which, I have passed with A’s and B’s and have earned my first degree, (an AA) I have to admit that I am saddened that my 3.868 grade point average dropped to a 3.799. But Father knows best and just maybe I needed a little humbling *smiles*.

Speaking of holes....

One of my class requirements has been to read a book called "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich." This book is a true story about a prisoner in a Siberian labor camp. Shukhov believed in God, and he wondered how anyone could not believe in God, "when it thunders." He believed that God breaks up the moon and turns it into stars, and then forms a new moon. (That means the moon went from a full moon to a crescent as pieces are broken off). God had to make new stars because as the old stars fell, they left holes in the sky and the "holes had to be filled up."

This Depression

The depression is certainly leaving people with a lot of holes for Father to fill. These holes could be financial, health, home, children, parental, siblings, or even animals. We want to encourage everyone, for we know HE is able. We see Him doing amazing things in our everyday lives. It all boils down to trust. He is building a new level of trust in his chosen. This trust is a place where we REST even in the midst of a storm. I don’t understand how we can find so much peace when so many things are going wrong, except he gives us trust. HE IS SO LOVELY AND WORTHY OF ADORATION!

We pray that hope abounds in your heart today. Keep in mind that you are shedding seeds of hope every where you step, with every word you utter. Pray those seeds sprout, grow into a mighty plant and sheds more seeds, it is this way that our would will recoup and we will see the Kingdom of God grow

We do thank each and everyone for continued prayer and support of this ministry. Your prayerful support enables us to continue sharing the Good News of the Happy God, who is Savior of all and condemner of none. Terrie and I love and pray the Lord’s blessings continue to pour forth upon each of you, beyond all you could ask or think. (Eph. 3:20). You’re also welcome to add someone else if you think they would enjoy our materials.

More To Come . . .