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December 2009

What Doesn’t Kill You,
Makes You Stronger

It may be an old cliche’ but it is true nonetheless, things that do not kill us, ereally do make us stronger. True, it took some time, but NOW, I can thank our Heavenly Father for all the “bad” experinces he allowed to happen. One of the awesome things about God is that he knows what it takes to be a Good Dad.

I have come to this marvelous conclusion because of the class I am taking in Childhood Development. This course has caused me wonder how children ever survive their parents. Do you know it has been discovered that there are stages necessary in a child’s life, which help him or her to cope as an adult? These stages are important in many areas, if one is skipped, when the child grows up, they may not have the necessary skills to manage certain areas of their lives. Something as simple as not reading or counting at a critical childhood age could keep an adult from balancing their check book or reading for enjoyment. It is imperative for children to overcome challenges and problems while growing up.

Most parents would like to protect their children from ever facing any kind of hardship, but if that feat is accomplished, children may never learn how to conquer difficulties. They may grow up to be “needy” adults, always needing someone else to do things for them, (you may know some people who are like that). Adulthood is filled with all kinds of trials and tribulations and with the right childhood education, the necessary skills should already have been learned which gives one the ability to overcome.

The Benefit

It is a parents’ obligation to keep their children safe from dangerous situations, but there is a balance. The great importance of allowing children, when presented with problems, (with adult supervision), to be guided toward finding their own solution should never be underestimated. It is also important to let the children see the interpersonal challenges in life such as a conflict between parents. If parents do not allow their children to see them have a disagreement and then resolve the issue, then how will they learn that it is ok to have disagreements and that there are ways to overcome? Facing and overcoming challenges is just the beginning of understanding. When they learn they need not be afraid of life’s challenges they can accept the old adage, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” Learning to benefit from life’s lessons starts in childhood.

Personal Application

I am learning to be thankful for the "bad times experience" because of some recent problems I’ve encountered. No longer just an abstract idea that people are able to change, I am now 100% positive that Father can actually cause people to change. I KNOW this to be true, because of what my sister and I have learned from our relationship. When Terrie and I first moved in together, we almost killed each other. It was the worst possible living arrangement, but because I am a very strong willed woman, as is she also, we hung in there. I remember at one point one of us saying, "I wish we could be friends" and the other replied "we can never be friends." That was before Father made the changes in us.

These changes came as I traveled across this country in ministry a couple of years ago and while I was gone, a good friend stayed with Terrie. That friend was a gift from God, she had what it took to be quiet when my sister needed to talk. I am more of a "fix it" type, tell me something is wrong and I will try to give you the best possible solution. (A bad habit I am trying to overcome, that is the giving of unsolicited advice). You see, Terrie had lost her mate 4 years before in much the same way as I had lost Stacy. He went into the hospital with a problem and never came out, but on top of that, Terrie became homeless when he died. She got on her feet when she moved up here with Mom and Daddy, but because our folks do not have the room for us kids to just move in and stay and because she is disabled, she could not make enough money to have a very good life style. All this to say that I was blessed to be able to put the down payment on a small mobile home in a park and have a place for us to live together. I can see now that our living together was necessary so I could make the monthly mortgage payments. (With the economical crunch that occurred in our county, I lost my van and would have lost the mobile home had she not been here to help).

As I traveled across the country that spring, I shared with some of the body that we needed prayer. I am sure those prayers rose up before our Father, for, when I returned home that summer, Terrie and I found ourselves on the road to becoming not only friends but best friends. You see, we have both been changed. I now feel privileged to know her. She is the most AWESOME person, sister and room mate! Truly a prayer warrior, a minister of the gospel of Christ and an example of God’s love to others in our community.

Know Thy Self

I have learned that because we overcome trials, we know our Father and ourselves a little better. True, it would be nice to be like Jesus and just be already God, but for ‘whatever’ reason, we have to mature in our Godliness. Isn’t it wonderful when we look back and see how far we have come? BEST of all is that each time we over-come a problem we grow a little closer to a place where we have peace in ‘bad’ situations, where we trust our Father to do what is best for us and truly believe he is benevolent toward all mankind. It is when we live in peace that passes all understanding, people want what we have, and this gives us an opportunity to be a witness of our Heavenly Father. We grow in Godliness so others can see the difference between how "man" handles things and how God handles things. Every time we get through a difficult situation, every time we find God at the end of a trial, and every time we see He still loves us no matter how bad things have been, we grow to be a little more like him. We rest in assurance that "whatever doesn’t kill us, really does make us stronger," it is this kind of peace all the world seeks.

In His Everlasting Love - Pamla
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Christmas wishes to all.
Give yourself, everyone you know, and the Lord a special gift. Believe in who you are in Christ. If Jesus asked me who I am, what would I answer him? I will answer him, I am your child, I am all that you are. I am the image of you here on this earth. I own all that you own, and I have all that you have to offer and give me. I lack nothing. I am victorious in all things. I am precious to you, I am the love of your life and the apple of you eye. I am an inheritor of all your glory. I am a part of the elite of the Kingdom of God. I am your child that you have faith in and believe in. Because of who you are, I am. I love you more than all the world has to offer, but all that the world has to offer is mine, because I am your child.

Love to All. In Christ.

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A Personal Note

I am doing well in college. This is a full time job for me, as classes alone take many hours a week and homework takes the rest of my time. I study 6-8 hours a day. It does bring me a smile as I think of how difficult it is being a student at my age with my handicaps. Ahhh, but God! He alone gives me the ability to study hard and learn the lessons.

I am getting this letter of encouragement out to my family and friends, for I do not want to lose touch with anyone and I don’t know when I will be in your presence again. I find great joy in sharing what Father is doing in my life and I hope to continue sending "The Implanter" as I feel directed. I do miss the connection that comes with personal contact, but in all things HIS perfect will be done. I rest assured that when he wants me out on the road in ministry, that is exactly what will happen.

On my last journey, many commented that Promised Seed Ministries would change, as it must since Stacy is no longer in charge, and it has changed and it will continue to evolve. At this point I do not see a reason to change the name of the ministry, as it is a perfectly good name, but that is all in our Lord’s hands, and he will make it known in his time.

As for our parents, they are doing as well as the aging process allows. Thank you for your prayers for my Mom, she has some good days now. There are still plenty of dizzy days and it really taxes her strength, but the good days are welcomed with open arms. I still ask if anyone knows of a home remedy or even a doctor who has a cure for vertigo that you would get a hold of me by email, phone or postal mail.

If you have a minute, take a look at our website, www.promiseed.com, it has a new look. It has taken a lot of work, but I believe I have made it easier to maneuver. Also, I have taken the password block off the audio pages and anyone can download Stacy’s teachings now. Please use whatever you want as long as it is freely given.

I am very well and so thankful the Lord has kept me that way. I do covet your prayers for not only my family but also for my seemingly impasse with Algebra. Apparently the memory damage to my brain has taken that portion that was ‘critical in my childhood’ which allows me good math skills. I have an even harder math class to take before I get my AA degree. (It surprises me to have such a struggle at something I was very good at in high school before the accident).

I no longer work for the lady here in Lakeport, as she no longer needs my assistance, which is probably a good thing since home work takes all my free time anyway.

Terrie and I pray that the HOLIDAYS are wonderful for you and yours and that Father enriches your lives abundantly. (Keep in mind, that enrichment may come in unexpected ways!).

We love you,

Pamla & Terrie

My friend, Laura, is no longer able to get to the post office in Alhambra, so I would ask that ALL correspondence would be mailed to our home in Lakeport.

The address is:

205 Walnut Dr.,

Lakeport, CA 95453

I am sorry for any inconvenience.

We do thank each and everyone for continued prayer and support of this ministry. We continue to share the Good News of the Happy God, who is Savior of all and Condemner of None at every opportunity. Terrie and I pray the Lord’s blessings continue to pour forth beyond all you could ask or think. (Eph. 3:20).

You’re also welcome to add someone else to our mailing list you think would enjoy our materials.

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