Pamla wearing stars on her sunglasses+Picture of Stacy smiling=Our Wedding Picture

Love At First Type

I was living the life of a single woman in the Los Angels California area, believing in my heart that I would probably marry in my late 50's for the sake of growing old with a “significant other.” Everything seemed in my favor, I’d started a new career, I rented a room from my best friend and her 2 children, and I felt that life was altogether good. Little did I know what the Lord had in store for me when I went "Online" one evening visiting in a chat room, as I often did in my spare time. This particular chat room was a place to meet people and start up a conversation about any subject whatsoever and to enter the chat room you simply typed in any name you wanted to be known by and a short subject line. I was "Pamla Kay" and this night my subject was “nice chat.” I was scrolling down the list that, I was told, consisted of 100,000 possible names on any given night. The list started with the A’s and ended with the Z’s. I was looking through the subject lines to see if any sounded interesting, when I received a notice that someone named “Conciled” wanted to chat with me. Not knowing if Conciled was a man or a woman I typed back, “sure, what do you want to chat about?”
I learned that Stacy R. Wood, Jr was on the other end of the computer line. It was later, after we met in person, he told me that when he saw my first response come across his monitor that he also saw stars, fireworks, and heard music with toots and whistles. He thought to himself, “Lord, I've heard this is what love at first sight is like, but I don’t even know if this is a man or a woman!” That first night I sent him a fairly recent photograph of myself, but he knew that people could claim to be anything on the Internet. After all, it is only when people meet in person that they can be sure with whom they have been chatting.

Learning A Little About Each Other

We only “chatted” a short while that first night, but the next night when I went back online, Conciled was waiting for me and again the next night and it was not long before I started looking forward to our regular chats. Within the first week I learned he was a “preacher.” I had been so hurt by the religious minded, I quickly decided I did not want to hear from him again. Stacy, upon sensing my dismay, realized I must be fairly damaged by the condemnation spewed forth by legalism so he quickly told me that he was not like any other preacher I had ever met. Then he typed, "If you give me a chance I will prove it." I thought, what the heck, I can always turn off the computer or put him on my "do not accept list." So, we continued to chat. This was the best choice I could have made, as I quickly learned that he truly was not like any man I had ever known. Stacy was more Christ like than any Christian I had ever met. I had read about and committed my heart to Jesus Christ as a young teenager and had never met anyone like Stacy R. Wood, Jr. My life was about to change dramatically. I thank God on a daily basis for this wonderful person the Lord introduced into my life through an Internet chat room.

I had tried, all my life, to serve the Lord in any way made available to me. I have been a Sunday school teacher, served on the church board, was a prayer team leader, presented teachings before the church, volunteered for seven years as a math and P.E. teacher in a Christian school. You name it, I did it. But each new experience ended in feelings of failure and rejection. For the first time in my life I had met someone who made me feel accepted, and loved. It seemed like there was absolutely nothing I could do that brought condemnation from Stacy. I remember one day in particular when I told Stacy, “I’m afraid I’ve committed the final apostasy!” He looked at me with a smile and asked what made me feel that way. I with fear said, “I feel like you are more like what I imagine Jesus to be than any other person I have ever met. I almost feel like I worship you! I’m afraid I might be blaspheming the Holy Spirit!” I cringed for I knew he would most certainly tell me that I was wrong and I should worship no one but God, but instead he said, “It’s ok Pamla, to worship means to ascribe worth to, and we should ascribe worth to one another.” I must say what a relief, not only did I find a man I loved, but who would not flog me for being perhaps a little less than perfectly religious!

A Hidden Destiny

It was after our second date when we learned some surprising facts about each others life and the long arm of God. Stacy had grown up in Modesto, CA, and I in Upper Lake, CA. Upper Lake rests next to a large natural lake which is a premier fishing hole. Because Stacy's mom was an avid fisher woman, they use to spend vacations in my area. He told me that as an adult he had "raised up" a church in my hometown and asked if perhaps I had at sometime visited. When I questioned as to when that might have been, he told me in the late 60's through early 70's. I said, "I don't remember, because I had been in a car accident in 1971 that gave me amnesia from 18 to birth." I tell you, it was like looking at a light come on in Stacy's eyes! He said, "Pamla, you're not going to believe this, but I remember one summer when one of the elders arriving late, stopped the service where I was already teaching and asked for prayer. He said, "A young woman in the community had been in a serious auto accident and was not expected to live. Her family was well known in the community and she had been a contestant in the Miss Lake County Beauty Pageant that year. Could we please pray for her and her family?" Of course they prayed and Stacy said he felt a real release of the power of God and he knew that what they'd asked for had been done. A few months later that same elder told Stacy that a real miracle had occurred and the young lady was home recovering.

You guessed it, I was that young girl! Stacy had no idea he had prayed for his future wife. I had been riding to town with a friend and he passed a slow-moving car only to hit another car head-on at 80 miles per hour on impact. My friend suffered minor injuries, but I was thrown from the truck into a field of what we call star-thistle, a mean little thornes, where a Highway Patrol man, who knew me, preformed CPR and called an ambulance. My Mom and Dad had the unfortunate horror of actually driving up on the accident shortly after it happened and followed the EMT's vehicle to the hospital. The local hospital was not equipped for the extent of my injuries so they drove me three hours to a hospital in Santa Rosa. Upon arrival, the attending doctor, knowing I would not live, put four stitches in the back of my head, to close a six inch opening. He then left and went speak to my parents. The doctor told them that I probably would not live until morning. The brain trauma was just too severe for recovery. (In fact, he did not even set the broken bones in my toes nor the break in my shoulder blade).

My Mom told me that when she and Daddy walked out of the hospital that evening, to go home and share the bad news with my younger sister and brother, they were discussing the situation. They quietly assured each other that because I was such a happy, active child, that it would be better for me to die than to live as a vegetable. Mom said she will never forget stepping out the hospital door and feeling the presence of God calming them and telling them I would be alright. Upon returning the next morning, the doctor, who was amazed that I was alive, told them, if by some chance I did continue to live, I would be a vegetable. Of course seeing the miracle I was alive, he said there could be another miracle but most certainly I would be paralyzed from the neck down. I remember waking up in the hospital a month or so later and the first memory in my life is that of my parents walking into my hospital room. I had been in a coma or semiconscious for over a month and because they were with me daily, talking to me, I knew them.

It was a long difficult road back for them and for me, as my wonderful grandmother, who shared our home, died of a stroke at age 63, while I was comatose. (I was told that her heart just couldn't take it) The daily drive home for my parents to care for my siblings took a very long three hours. Those first weeks, my parents, upon returning home each day, had to answer the question from family and friends, "Is Pam dead or alive?" Then, after my return home, my recovery necessitated a forty-five minute drive to Ukiah several times a week so I could learn how to walk and talk again. My left side was paralyzed from the damage to the right side of my brain. To top it off, at age 18, I had the mentality of a 3-year-old and the doctor said I would remain that way.

Ah, but the miracle working power of God! It was years before I made what I would call a "full" recovery. (That does not include the total amnesia, the occasional paralysis in my left side and the problems caused by the never "set" broken toes) In it all, the return to "normal" was truly amazing and I attribute it not only to Stacy praying for me, his future wife, but for the prayers of possibly thousands of people. At that time my family was very involved in the Southern Baptist Organization and upon learning of the accident the prayer chain went into operation with calls to Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, (just a few of the states we were told about, but who knows from there?) To the many who, like Stacy, prayed for "that a young woman in the community, who had been in a serious auto accident," I would like to say, "THANK YOU!"

And the miracle continued from there. We went on to find out that the next year Stacy and I both lived in San Jose, CA. I had moved to San Jose, as part of my rehabilitation, where I went to work as a waitress at "Sambos" restaurant downtown on First Street. It turned out that Stacy managed a family discount store on that same city block and used to go to "Sambos" everyday for coffee or a meal. We do not remember seeing each other, but it is most probable that I waited on him during that time! True, we did not consciously meet until twenty-seven years later, but upon this discovery we knew we were destined to be together.

The Time Had Come To Learn The Truth!

After several months of dating online and several real dates, Stacy knew the time had finally come where he needed to tell me what he believed. Not knowing exactly how to share his convictions with this very religious little woman, he seated me in his car, locked the doors and headed out onto the I-10 freeway at about 70 miles per hour. I remember he so eloquently said, “Pamla, I love you and want to marry you, but first I must know if we are compatible. I going to tell you what I believe. Please don’t say anything until I am finished.” In the next thirty minutes he proceeded to tell me what he believed. He did not take the time to give me scripture references nor lengthy explanations. When he finished, he said, “Now I need to know what you think about what I’ve just told you.” He turned to look at me and could see big tears running down my cheeks. It was with sobs I cried, “Oh my God, I’ve fallen in love with a cultist!” What then came out of his mouth completely disarmed me. He said, “That’s a fair estimation. I am probably not like anyone else you have ever known, but I will change right now, if you can show me in the Bible, not from your doctrine, why I should believe your way and not mine.” Well, I had led many people through the “sinner's prayer” in my lifetime and by his statement I knew that Stacy was “redeemable.” We agreed that I should take a week to study the Bible, so I might be able to present him with a feasible and thorough argument.

As I went to my studies that night I knew that I would be able to present my Lord in an obvious manner so that Stacy would get past his delusions. To my great dismay, I could not prove, by scripture, anything I had all my life believed and taught others. I cried many times that week. The next time I spoke with Stacy in anguish asking, “Why didn't God love me enough to show this to me many years ago. Do you know how many people I have lead the wrong way?” Stacy answered, "God chooses the time for each person to come into this understanding." He assured me that I had led no one wrongly, but that Father was more than able to keep that which I had committed to him. What a relief! Since that day I have been learning what it means to serve the living God.

In No Time At All.....

In a very short time we married, for as Stacy once said, "It was just too expensive to keep flying back and forth several times a month between Georgia and California." We chose a date and became husband and wife. Life has been a roller coaster ride, (fast and exhilarating), every since. I am so happy working alongside my husband in the ministry. Promised Seed Ministries is a full time job and a joy. All the while, Stacy has been teaching me about the Living God, who loves me and finds me acceptable.

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