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Our Georgia Mountain Home

Pamla and I settled in the mountains of central California. We were living about 25 miles west from the outer rim of YosemiteOur home in Greely Hill, CA National Park and an hours drive to a town of any size. Both of us loved the quiet of the mountains, but we also enjoyed going to town for fellowship with the brethren and doing our weekly shopping. However, as time progressed we began to recognize a change was inevidable with the difficulties we could see taking place in my health.

This is when we heard the voice of the Father giving us direction. His voice seldom comes in an audible form, nor does he speak very often in the earthquake, lightning or thunder. But his voice most often assends from within one's inner being. It comes as a knowing or understanding that dawns within the consciousness of one's thinking. This time the knowing came and we both began to talk about a change. I love the way Father speaks to both of us and we do not need to convince one another, because we are already thinking and speaking the same thing. Neither of us had any idea of the location, but we knew a move would take place very soon.

A picture of Lee and family.Then, Father spoke again, this time through my youngest brother, Lee. When we moved to the mountains to live on his properity, it was our intention to continue traveling, as I had for the past 35 years. However, we experienced changes that caused us to refrain from traveling in ministry as in the past. During this time of adjustment Lee and his family were a tremendous help to us in our time of need. Pamla and I knew it was the Lord speaking to us through Lee, as he shared with us his need to sell the properity. He added that there was no hurry for us to vacate. Our hearts were filled with great joy, knowing that the time of relocation was near at hand. We still had no idea where we were locating to, or how we would financially make a move of any kind.

The a phone call came from long time friends in Blue Ridge Georgia, Tom and Nomi Boyd. They were building a house with us in mind and wanted to know if we might be interested in moving their direction. Don't you know we understood it again was the voice of God that we were hearing. So we made a trip to check out what we already understood was to be our place of habitation. On our first trip we came through the state capital, Atlanta, to get to our new home. When we arrived it was a house in the making and we called it the "little red barn."

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